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(Это запись для игры по Universalis. Игра будет вестись на английском. Прошу зрителей до конца игры не комментировать.)

Universalis playtest

Players: katemare, giacomoart, davina_small, pigmeich.
System: Universalis 1st edition (Giacomoart, are you ok with that? Just it's the only edition I have %)
Rules Quick Reference: download (pages 1-2 and 5 - russian translation, pages 3-4 - original; the link is good for a week).

I suggest to use the default starting conditions: 25 coins and 5 coins refreshment.
I can also suggest means to post hidden bids: spoiler tags! (drag text to hightlight). Just switch to HTML mode and type:
<font color=white style="background:white">text</font>.
And we can start a new thread for each scene, so the game would look neat and organized.


  • Naval adventure.
  • Lovecraft-esque horror. (Details, [2])
  • Pseudo-historic setting of Elizabethan time. (Details)
  • Moral choice between sin and virtue.
  • No supernatural facts or components can be introduced into the game until there are 3 or 4 characters marked with "sympathetic" trait. (Details)

  • No interrupts.
  • Try to challenge only such details and/or in such way that preceding text wouldn't have to be overwritten.
  • If a player doesn't act on his turn for a day, the next player can take the turn for free, or any other player can take it for 1 coin.
  • Refresh rate for each scene based on the number of players who get refreshed: 12 for 2, 8 for 3, 6 for 4, 5 for 5 or more.

Scene #1: Sea Battle

Framed by giacomoart

Scene #2: During the Storm

Framed by katemare

Components (control indicated by K or G letter):
the Carribean Sea (K)Storm (K)
- sinister
- supernatural
- violent
- heavy rain (x2)
- howling winds
- monstrous waves
Spanish galleon
- cannons
- huge
Pirate sloop
- agile
- cannons
Master component:
armed sailor
- melee weapon
- wheellock pistol
Nicole Tissot,
pirate queen (K)
- armed sailor
- French
- red hair
- cruel
- off-hand dagger
- strong spirit
- sympathetic character
Galleon's crew
- armed sailors
- crew
Sloop's crew
- armed sailors
- crew
- experienced
- great teamwork
Sharks (K)
- a slew
Will Bowyer, seadog
- armed sailor
- experienced navigator
Ship's boys #1 and #2
Tags: play, universalis
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